The Center of General Education was established on August 1, 1998, and has begun offering general education courses since 1999 in line with the University General Education Regulation and Policy as administered by Ministry of Education, R.O.C.

Our Mission

  • To build up students’ basic knowledge of people, society and nature.
  • To familiarize students with contemporaneous major issues, solutions, and main-stream thinking and research of other disciplines.
  • To cultivate students’ competence and confidence of discovering and analyzing problems, and develop their critical thinking ability.


The Center of General Education is responsible for planning undergraduate liberal arts courses, which lay the foundation for the core value of university education and offer extensive knowledge structure, in addition to students’ professional training programs. Through continuing cross-disciplinary interaction, general education curriculum offers opportunities for CCU students to explore human beings, society, and nature, and provides in-depth understanding of civilization and achievement of the human race.

Major Tasks

  • Coordinating general education courses with various academic departments across CCU’s 7 colleges, including curriculum design and arrangement to enrich teaching resources for CCU faculty.
  • Reviewing general education courses offered by academic departments.
  • Planning and organizing general education courses for undergraduate programs.
  • Initiating and maintaining “CCU Artist-in-Residence” programs.
  • Designing and providing “Service & Learning” programs/opportunities.