9 Learning Outcomes in General Education

Through the training and guidance received in a course, students will be able to:Thinking and CreativitThinking and Creativit

  • Thinking and Creativity
Think independently, critically, systematically, integratively and approach topics creatively.
  • Moral Thought and Practice
Clearly, cautiously and  introspectively contemplate ethical and moral issues within the society or culture, and put those principles into practice in daily life. 
  • Life Direction and Career Planning
Take initiative in exploring their values and goals in life and take action in developing a career plan.
  • Citizenship and Participation in Society
Show respect for the democratic process and rule of law, and show concern for and take part in public affairs and decision making.
  • Care for Humanity and Environmental Conservation

Cultivate a spirit of collaboration, showing concern and respect for the value of humanity and the environment.

  • Communication and Cooperation
Communicate with people effectively in various ways, and know how to work with others in a group or organization to reach common goals.
  • Global Perspective and Multiculturalism
Recognize the trend toward internationalization, cultivate a global outlook and respect and embrace cultural differences.
  • Aesthetic and Artistic Appreciation

Appreciate various types of expertise and objects, their beauty and meaning, and put this into practice.

  • Analysis and Problem Solving

Use various means to identify and analyze a problem and identify a step-by-step effective solution.